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We have over 50 years of combined experience building log homes, post & beam homes and conventional stick-built homes and now hybrid log homes - a combination of stick built and log elements including log roof rafters, log floor joists, log girders and log posts.

Find any floor plan or create your own and we can build it for you in any of the construction styles above.


We Provide ...

A home designer, Mike Rice, who will take your sketch or drawing and make it conform to state building code regulations.  It is then stamped by a licensed architect for presentation for bank financing to receive your town permit.

We build additions,garages, pole barns as well as any portion of the construction project including shell enclosure.  Have questions, contact us.



Room to Grow

Many of the questions that we hear most frequently have to do with adding onto a log home after it has already been constructed.  Some people even believe that it is not possible to do so.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

As seen in many of the images on this web site, not only is it possible to add on to a log home - the results can be extremely attractive and appealing.  Since a log home is generally the result of years of dreaming and planning many customers prefer to add on to their existing log home, rather than to build a new one in another location if they find themselves in need of more space.  The log home shown below illustrates the point beautifully.













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