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A Patented Tradition of Excellence

Country Log Homes has long been an industry innovator in Log Home Building  Construction Systems. As we continue to work to provide the highest quality log home package available today, our customers benefit from our decades of log home construction experience.

First and foremost, Country Log Homes provide the most fully precut tongue and groove log home package available today!  All of your wall logs and gable logs will arrive cut to the proper length, as will your log rafters and floor joists.  The notching required for installation of these log package components will also be done for you.  Your window and door openings will be precisely cut as will your corner intersection system. This is one of the patented log construction features developed by Country Log Homes.

Country Log Homes was not satisfied merely with incorporating the time-honored tongue and groove method of log home construction into our precise log precutting operation. Our "Mitered Mortise and Tenon Corner Interlock System" represents an extremely significant improvement in both the appearance and the energy efficiency of your finished log home. It allows Country Log Homes to provide a log corner that is aligned in a visually pleasing manner. Many other companies offer a log corner system that "steps back and forth" from one log course to the next. This odd-looking corner interface lacks the aesthetic appearance of the patented Country Log Homes corner system.

Further, wherever a mortise log is joined with a Tenon log at your corner joints, a vertical gasket is coupled with a thick, D-shaped bead of high quality caulking providing state-of-the-art protection against air and water infiltration and heat loss. We also take the extra step of completely removing the section of log tongue that would normally protrude at the end of our mortise logs. To safeguard the integrity of your corner joint, the tongue on the mortise log intersects with the tongue on the Tenon log forming a continuous, weather-tight barrier.  Unlike some other types of corner systems, the Country Log Homes patented "mitered corner" does not create a seam that is directly exposed to the elements. A truly unique Log Home Construction technique (Patented).

Room to Grow

Many of the questions that we hear most frequently have to do with adding onto a log home after it has already been constructed.  Some people even believe that it is not possible to do so.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

As seen in many of the images on this web site, not only is it possible to add on to a log home - the results can be extremely attractive and appealing.  Since a log home is generally the result of years of dreaming and planning many customers prefer to add on to their existing log home, rather than to build a new one in another location if they find themselves in need of more space.  The log home shown below illustrates the point beautifully.

As the family grew, and as circumstances allowed, these New Jersey log home owners substantially increased their living space with the addition shown in these photos.  The 24'x36' ' back wing' contains ample space for the family room area and for the spacious master bedroom and master bath.

Equally important, the new living spaces flow smoothly from the original structure and take full advantage of the adjacent pool area for extra drama and easy access to outdoor fun. It's clear to see that a need for additional log home living space can be easily accommodated - with style.












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